Tuesday, August 19, 2014


RED HEIFER UPDATE Several months ago the Temple Institute was delighted to announce the birth of a perfect red heifer in the USA.

Tony Blair: ISIL in Iraq and Syria 'won't be successful in the end' Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair told Yahoo News on Monday that a ruthless al-Qaida offshoot that just declared an Islamic state carved out of Syria and Iraq can still be 'forced back' and ultimately defeated.

Poll finds almost no support for accepting Hamas's demands Peace Index poll finds that 58% of Israeli Jews think Israel should continue to fight until Hamas surrenders.

ISIS to US: 'We will drown all of you in blood' Islamic State terror group warns it will attack Americans "in any place" if US raids hit its operatives.

US Blacklists IS Leader as 'Global Terrorist' State Department blacklists Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, senior Islamist in IS Caliphate.

Israeli in contact with Syrian Opposition : Obama let ISIS 'cancer' metastasize Syrian opposition members say they want friendly relations with Israel; Meet with Mendi Safadi, an Israeli Druse.

Pope Francis: I Only Have 2-3 More Years to Live Pope Francis speaks about his poor health for the first time, indicates the possibility of early retirement.

Israel says it foiled Hamas plan for massive attacks on Israel, coup against PA 93 arrests made, Shin Bet says, thwarting Hamas preparations for third intifada; Abbas says revelation a threat to Palestinian unity.

US hits 90 IS targets in three days, says Pentagon Aircraft carry out 35 strikes, marking most intense American bombardment of extremist group to date.

Turkey's Erdogan raises millions for Gazans Aid campaign initiated by Turkish PM and president-elect has garnered nearly $21 million for Palestinians.