Monday, October 08, 2007


* Jordan Replaces P.A. in MK Elon's Peace Plan MK Benny Elon presents a peace plan that emphasizes the closing of refugee camps and Jordanian citizenship for the Arabs of Judea and Samaria.

* PMO denies report that Jordan will have custody of Temple Mt. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office on Monday morning denied the report in Al-Quds al-Arabi that he and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had agreed to transfer the Temple Mount's holy sites to Jordanian custody.

* Bush moves ahead with plans to attack Iran US President George W. Bush is moving ahead with plans to attack Iran.

* Telegraph: 'Brown will support strike on Iran' British Premier Gordon Brown has agreed to support US air strikes against Iran if Iran were to carry out large-scale attacks by militant proxies against British or American forces in Iraq.

* West Papua Delegation Donates Gold For Holy Temple On Wednesday, the last day of the Sukkot festival, a 34-person delegation from West Papua presented a large amount of gold to be used in the building of the Holy Temple.

* Official Saudi website for fatwas Saudi Arabia has launched an official website to publish Islamic legal rulings, or fatwas.

* Petraeus: 'Show me' if Iran has stopped supplying Iraqi insurgents Although America's top general in Iraq called al Qaeda "the wolf closest to the sled," he said sectarian fighting among militias fueled by Iran could be the biggest long-term challenge for Iraq.

* Palestinian Christian found dead in Gaza The body of a Christian official who was kidnapped over the weekend was discovered in Gaza City early Sunday.

* Poland to be wooed by Germany and France over EU treaty France and Germany will this week try and persuade Poland to support the EU's new treaty amid reports that Warsaw is not happy with the latest draft.

* Turkish cabinet in urgent talks after Kurdish attacks The Turkish cabinet met today amid heightened pressure to hit back at Kurdish fighters in Iraq after 13 soldiers were killed in an ambush yesterday, and two more today.