Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Pompeo says Iran is attempting to ‘foment terror’ amid coronavirus outbreak Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that Iran is trying to “foment terror” while the world struggles to get a grip on the coronavirus pandemic, a report said.

Watch: Netanyahu meets US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo 'Killing of IDF soldier highlights importance of preserving Israel's right to self defense,' says Pompeo during meeting with Netanyahu.

Report: Abbas to hold meeting with Hamas, Islamic Jihad over annexation plans 'Abbas wants to show that there is a consensus among the Palestinians regarding annexation.'

Poll: Most east Jerusalem residents prefer having Palestinian citizenship According to a new poll conducted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, there has been a dramatic change in the political preferences of Palestinian residents living in eastern Jerusalem.

Report: Talks over reopening Ben Gurion airport by June 1 underway The plan will reportedly allow tourism to and from so-called 'green countries'.

Israel considers shutting down evangelical Christian God TV's channel “There are 9 million people in Israel who need to hear the gospel of Jesus," channel CEO Ward Simpson said.

Turkey: Erdogan's "Leftovers of the Sword" "Leftover of the sword" (kılıç artığı in Turkish) is a commonly used insult in Turkey that often refers to the survivors of the Christian massacres that mainly targeted Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire and its successor, Turkey.

Russia slams U.S. assertion at U.N. that it remains party to Iran nuclear deal Russia’s U.N. ambassador slammed the United States on Tuesday as “ridiculous” for arguing it was still a member of the Iran nuclear deal two years after it quit, so Washington could trigger a return of all United Nations sanctions on Tehran.

The Jordan Valley Annexation Dilemma: A Realistic Approach The declared intention of the new Israeli government to pave the way for the implementation of sovereignty in certain parts of the West Bank, with the blessing of the Trump administration, is prompting vigorous debate.

UK should answer Israeli annexation with harsh economic sanctions, MPs say House of Lords committee asks government to weigh limiting Jewish state’s preferential access to British markets if it applies sovereignty in West Bank.