Tuesday, August 07, 2007


* Government Forces Complete Expulsion of Hevron Families The expulsion of two families from their homes in the Shalhevet neighborhood, built on the site of the former Hevron marketplace, was completed late Tuesday morning.

* Georgia in Russian attack claim Russia has committed an "act of aggression" against Georgia by firing a guided missile at its territory, officials in Tbilisi say.

* Olmert Agrees to Speed up Talks to Establish PA State Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared Monday that Israel will work toward the establishment of a Palestinian Authority State.

* S Asia millions face flood hunger Millions of people across South Asia are still facing hunger after some of the worst floods in decades, amid fears of disease and fights over supplies.

* Peres' aides confirm plan for PA state on land equal to 100% of West Bank Aides to President Shimon Peres confirmed Tuesday a Haaretz report that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is examining a new framework for peace.

* Chartered Flight Brings Another 210 North American Jews Home A chartered flight of 210 new immigrants from North America landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport Tuesday morning.

* Iraq power system 'near collapse' Iraq's national power grid is on the brink of collapse, the country's electricity ministry has warned.

* Iraqi Prime Minister Visits Turkey Kurdish guerrillas killed a Turkish lieutenant in the southeast on Tuesday, as the Iraqi prime minister arrived for a visit likely to be dominated by Turkish warnings.

* Russia's Deep-Sea Flag-Planting at North Pole Strikes a Chill in Canada A dramatic submarine dive to plant the Russian flag on the seabed at the North Pole last week has rattled Canadian politics.

* Team finds largest exoplanet yet An international team of astronomers has discovered the largest known planet orbiting another star.