Thursday, June 28, 2012


* Russia won't call for Syrian president to step down Russia on Thursday said it would not endorse a call for Syrian President Bashar Assad to give up power.

* Turkey sends anti-aircraft guns to Syrian border Columns of military vehicles have been seen moving from military bases to the border, close to where the jet crashed.

* Islamist Rebels Seize Northern Mali, 20 Dead Islamist rebel separatists have seized northern Mali, killing 20 as they clashed with a second rebel force.

* Strong explosion rocks Syria's capital A strong explosion rocked the Syrian capital Thursday near a busy market and the country’s highest court.

* IDF bolstering defenses along Syrian border The IDF is bolstering defenses along the Syrian border and beefing up its forces due to concern that terrorist groups are planning a cross-border attack in the Golan Heights.

* Tantawi to Remain as Egyptian Defense Minister Field Marshal Hussein Mohamed Tantawi is to remain at his post as Egypt's Defense Minister in the new government cabinet.

* Divided EU leaders meeting for 'big leap' summit A stormy two-day summit kicks off on Thursday (28 June), with EU leaders still at odds over ceding core national powers to Brussels.

* The EU and Turkey: Stronger together At a time when the EU faces economic challenges and continuing instability in the Middle East, our relationship with Turkey matters more than ever.

* Arab Rage: Putin Recognized Jerusalem's Jewish Past Arab Muslims are enraged by remarks made by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kotel.

* Fatah to Israel: Do What We Want, or Face Intifada If Israel does not surrender all the lands liberated in the Six Day War of 1967, set up an Arab state with Jerusalem as its capital, and make significant concessions in accepting as citizens descendants of Arabs who fled Israel in 1948, a third intifada should, and must, be conducted.