Friday, August 23, 2013


* UK: Assad regime is responsible for recent chemical attack in Damascus Britain said on Friday it believed forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad were responsible for a chemical weapons attacks.

* PM: Iran watching carefully how world responds to Syrian chemical weapons atrocities Iran is using Syria as a testing ground and carefully watching how the world responds to Damascus's use of chemical weapons against its own people.

* No summer break in the violent Middle East Here's a short, random list of some of the major events that occurred in the Middle East just this past week.

* When all else fails, target Israel The rocket fire on the western Galilee on Thursday was the work of a Salafist Sunni terror organization.

* Israel strikes Lebanon after rocket attacks Israel's air force bombed a militant target in Lebanon on Friday in retaliation for a cross-border rocket salvo. .

* New Video Evidence of Iraqi Jihad Terrorists With the launch of missiles fired from Lebanon into Israel on Thursday, the organization behind the attack identified as part of the "Global Jihad" movement presented a recent video.

* 'Friday of Martyrs' protests proceed in Egypt Egyptian troops and police had taken relatively low-key security measures before the "Friday of Martyrs".

* Merkel's Dachau Visit Sparks Controversy Angela Merkel will become the first German chancellor to visit the former Nazi concentration camp Dachau on Tuesday.

* They hate Israel, but they hate Hezbollah more In an ironic turn of events, over the last months Sunni world jihad elements in Lebanon have become a common enemy for Israel and its nemesis, the Shiite Hezbollah.

* EU diplomat: Both sides guilty in Egypt The EU's envoy to north Africa, Bernardino Leon, has said events in Egypt are "more complex".