Monday, June 24, 2013


Standoff between Hamas, Islamic Jihad behind rocket fire on Israel Conflicting allegiances on Syria come between Iran, Hamas; the beneficiary: Gaza's second largest, currently richest, terror group.

Israel hits Gaza targets in response to rocket fire Military says it struck weapons facility and rocket-launching site, after 6 rockets hit southern Israel; defense minister orders border crossings closed.

Syria decries 'dangerous' decision to arm rebels FM Walid al-Moallem says Western interference will only prolong fighting and hinder peace talks.

New book delves into logos that evoke loyalty - and fear Terrorism may be a bloody business, but it is still a business, say the authors of 'Branding Terror'.

IDF holds drill simulating jihadist attack Security source says inter-organizational cooperation is good.

British Government Unveils Hundreds of Top Secret UFO Files The British government declassified hundreds of materials about unidentified flying objects. 

Analysis: Syrian civil war eroding Hezbollah's forces Hezbollah suffers loss of personnel, but exact losses unknown.

* 'Iran needs 18 months to produce the bomb' If only to deal a blow to the ayatollahs, Assad must go, says the head of the Iran desk at Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

Anti-Semites are not true Christians, pope says Rabbi meets Francis I, calls pontiff 'a very good friend of the Jewish people'.

THE LITTLE LION: SYRIA'S 11-YEAR-OLD KILLING MACHINE Mohammed Afar is 11 years old. The modified AK-47 assault rifle he carries stretches to nearly two-thirds his height.