Monday, September 08, 2014


Mofaz: Islamic State's goal is to conquer Jerusalem, just like Hamas Kadima party chairman and former defense minister Mofaz says "Islamic State and Hamas are one"; warns that if Gaza isn't disarmed through an arrangement, it will have to be disarmed by force.

Palestinian Authority President Slams Hamas' Claims of Victory In a scathing criticism of Hamas, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ridiculed the organization's claims of victory in the recent confrontation with Israel and accused it over the weekend of executing 120 Gaza residents for breaching a curfew during the war, an allegation heretofore not heard publicly.

It's time to learn the facts about Judea and Samaria To truly understand the status of this territory we have to first differentiate between the personal and the national.

Israeli politicians praise Sisi plan to give Palestinians land for a state in Sinai Abbas reportedly rejected plan that would expand Gaza to five times its current size and give PA autonomy in West Bank cities; Yesh Atid's Peri, Bayit Yehudi's Shaked say proposal worth exploring.

Netanyahu to West: Nip Islamic extremism in the bud, or you'll find it at your doorstep Prime minister hosts Norwegian FM Brende, says groups such as Islamic State, Hamas "form a clear and present danger to our civilization, to our way of life, our values."

Anti-Jewish incidents at record high in Britain Abuse not as likely to be violent as in France, but trends worry community.

Report: 60 British women now in Syria in all-female Islamic State brigade One of the prominent leaders in the Islamic State's police force is a 20-year-old from Glasgow, Scotland who fled to Syria and married a fighter.

Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on US Nuclear launch rehearsal conducted in North Atlantic .

'Model Farms' to Feature Shemitta in Action Farmers and students will be able to learn all about the Shemitta year at special "model farms" run by the Agricultural Ministry.

Nervous of IS, Saudi Arabia Building Border Fence with Iraq The high-security five-layered fence will cover 900km (560 miles) of the kingdom's northern frontier.