Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Syria conflict: Russia 'to continue air strikes' after withdrawal  Russia will continue air strikes in Syria despite the withdrawal of most of its forces, a senior official has said. 

Russia seeks to reassure Israel over Syria withdrawal plan  Top Israeli lawmaker says ramifications of Moscow's pullout could not yet be gauged. 

Christian genocide: The U.S. White House and State Department remain stubbornly silent  Among the many anomalies of the Obama Administration's foreign policy, none appear so anachronistic as its refusal to label the persecution and annihilation of Christians in the Middle East as genocide. 

Iranian FM: 'Russia's withdrawal from Syria indicates that the ceasefire is holding'  Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has praised Russia's withdrawal from Syria after nearly half a year of military engagement in the country's conflict, claiming that this is "a good sign" that signals that the ceasefire is durable. 

Report: Anti-Semitism Spikes at Top U.S. Colleges  Top colleges throughout the United States are experiencing an unprecedented rise in anti-Semitic incidents and anti-Jewish behavior, according to a study that determined the behavior is being fueled by a rise in the number of campus organizations promoting inflammatory anti-Israel propaganda. 

Dinosaur find resolves T. rex mystery  A newly discovered species of Tyrannosaur - the group of meat-eating dinosaurs to which the infamous T. rex belongs - could hold the key to how these creatures grew so huge. 

Abdullah rules Jordan 'by remote control,' says ex-MP  Assad believed anti-Israel foreign policy would ensure Syrian stability. 

Muslim preacher jailed over inciting speeches at al-Aqsa  Sheikh Khaled Mughrabi is sentenced to 11 months in prison after saying Holocaust happened because Jews made 'special bread' for Passover from children's blood. 

Palestinians: Laughing Their Heads Off  U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited Ramallah last week, and Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas and his top officials are laughing their heads off. 

* 'Rhetoric could derail Syria talks' warns UN after opening session  UN sponsored talks are due to resume today in Geneva aimed at creating a roadmap to end the conflict in Syria.