Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Analysis: Iran Infiltrates the West Bank  The "Patient Ones" are seeking Palestinians as a group to become an Iranian proxy in the region. 

Saudi Arabia prepared for ground war in Syria, military spokesman says  A Senior Saudi defense official said that his country wants to defeat Islamic State. 

Pentagon, South Korea to Deploy Advanced Missile Defenses  After delaying nearly two years, the Pentagon on Monday announced plans to deploy advanced missile defenses in South Korea as soon as possible. 

Israel: Palestinians using UN chief's words to justify terror  Envoy calls on Ban to retract statement about reacting to occupation, but spokesperson says he 'stands by every word' and 'absolutely nothing, nothing, justifies terrorism'. 

Iraqi army clears ISIS from Ramadi area, opens road to Baghdad  Iraqi government forces chalk up another victory, chipping away at ISIS control in west to secure capital Baghdad. 

US election 2016: New Hampshire begins voting in key primary  People in the US state of New Hampshire are voting in the contests to select the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates. 

Russian military deployed near Ukraine for huge exercises  Russia is holding combat readiness exercises involving 8,500 troops, with dozens of ships and aircraft, in a southern region near areas of eastern Ukraine held by pro-Russian rebels. 

Elkin says religious Israelis will soon become the majority  At J'lem Conference, Jerusalem Affairs Minister insists that as religious sector grows stronger, Israel must try to prevent 'culture wars. 

Watch: Jew arrested for singing Hatikvah on Temple Mount  Teen arrested for singing Israeli national anthem handed distancing order from Temple Mount; father slams 'surrender to Muslim terror'. 

Drought: Over 50,000 Somali children face death, says UN  As drought hits, about 4.7 million people, nearly 40% of the population, need some kind of humanitarian assistance.