Saturday, August 08, 2015


Activist sues PA, Jordan over Jewish access to Temple Mount Baruch Ben Yosef files NIS 1 billion lawsuit; claims keeping Jews from holy site amounts to discrimination.

Palestinian religious leaders challenge Jewish presence atop Temple Mount Palestinian religious leaders 'both Muslims and Christians ' signed a declaration stating that Jews have no right to enter the Temple Mount at a press conference in east Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Syria, Russia and Iran Huddle Up in Tehran Day after Turkey claims Russia is going to drop Syria, key meeting of foreign ministers taking place - will it mark a shift in region?

80% of Jewish Israelis say state is in danger The poll found that among Jews, 26.5 percent of Israelis define the level of security-military danger to Israel as very high and 54.1% as moderately high.

West Bank inches closer to boiling point The rising tensions are evident everywhere. 

Survey suggests strong popular support for 'Jew-free' Romania Over half of respondents view Nazi-era leader, who supported murder of Romanian Jews, as a "patriot."

Netanyahu: Iran deal will bring war, 'nightmare' atomic arms race In video talk to American Jews, PM accuses accord's supporters of trying to 'stifle debate,' says alternative is to 'increase sanctions'.

PA Incites Religious War Over Temple Mount Fatah rhetoric increasingly paints visits of Jews to Judaism's holiest site as 'invasions' as tensions rise over the Mount.

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States Suspected for years of plotting to dismantle the U.S. electric grid, American officials have confirmed that 
Iranian military brass have endorsed a nuclear electromagnetic pulse explosion that would attack the country's power system.

Giant gates to Goliath's home discovered: Monumental fortification belonging to the Biblical city of Philistine Gath unearthed It was the Biblical city where the giant Goliath lived and one of the most powerful in the Philistine empire before it was destroyed in the ninth century BC.