Thursday, September 24, 2020


 Israelis want two-state negotiations, prefer next deal with Arab state A poll of Israelis has found backing for a two state solution, and support for a deal with Qatar.

Blair: Israel establishing relations with Arab states will likely lead to peace with Palestinians Former British PM said guiding principle in region for decades was 'diametric opposite of what should happen'.

Israel enters full 16-day lockdown on Friday The government approved at dawn on Thursday, Sept. 24, a full national lockdown to rein in the soaring coronavirus contagion starting Friday, Sept. 25 up to Oct.11. culminating two days of bitter debate in the special cabinet.

Egypt FM hails Israel-UAE, Israel-Bahrain accords as 'important step' Egypt, Jordan reaffirm commitment to Palestinian statehood, two-state solution.

Why Do the Arabs Hate the Palestinians? For many reasons, the Arab world is not at all interested in giving the Palestinian Arabs a state.

A Red Heifer Was Accidentally Discovered in Colombia [WATCH] An ultra-Orthodox Israeli student now living in Colombia said that he spotted a kosher red heifer on Wednesday that would be available immediately upon the coming of the Messiah reports Radio 2000.

UN ambassador: Another country will recognize Israel in ‘day or two’ US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft on Wednesday said that a new country will recognize Israel “in the next day or two.”

PA: Beware “alliance with the Jews… obedience to the Jews” The Palestinian Authority exposed its true essence as a Jew-hating antisemitic body by condemning the peace agreements signed this week between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain, because it is an “alliance with the Jews.”

Trump: Achieving Real Peace You could probably write a very short summary, something along these lines: “we’re going to actively search for ways to cooperate, bring more countries into this deal, and turn the Middle East into a new zone of peace.”

Is Assad Gearing Up for a Final Push in Syria? As Turkey, Russia and the US weigh up their options, a shaky ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib province may be about to end.