Wednesday, December 09, 2020


 Iran Claims a Stake in ‘Reconstruction’ of ‘Strategic Ally’ Syria Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told visiting Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad on Tuesday that Tehran will support its “strategic ally” in Damascus until “final victory” is achieved in the long-running Syrian civil war.

Israel summons Russian envoy after labeling the Jewish state as Mideast 'problem' Jerusalem expects dialogue with Moscow to 'relate to reality,' Israel's Foreign Ministry says. The Russian Ambassador to Israel was summoned Wednesday for a meeting by Israel’s Foreign Ministry following scathing comments he made against the Jewish state.

If Iran's nuclear program is peaceful, why hide it? - analysis The obvious question is if Iran’s nuclear program is merely peaceful then why does the country go to such lengths to hide it.

The Abraham Accords: The Strategic Aspect While the recent peace agreements between Israel and the Gulf principalities are a political achievement of historic significance for Israel’s regional status, the construction of an anti-Iranian front will oblige Israel to take military action on behalf of its new allies even in situations where there is no existential threat to the Jewish State.

China’s new digital currency spells the end for the US dollar’s global dominance and will change the world as we know it The digital yuan cryptocurrency developed by China has the potential to be a game changer when it is rolled out fully. By ending the world’s reliance on the dollar, it will alter the geopolitical landscape forever.

UAE Signs Deal to Import 7 Species from Israel Only a few short months after the Abraham Accords were signed in Washington, the United Arab Emirates are signing business deals worth billions of dollars with Israel.

Turkey's Erdogan to discuss U.S. strains when Biden takes office President Tayyip Erdogan said he would discuss strained U.S. relations with President-elect Joe Biden when he takes office, playing down the possibility of sanctions over Turkey’s purchase of Russian missile defence systems.

Date for new elections: March 16th, 2021 Push to dissolve Knesset gains momentum, with Knesset committee green-lighting the bill, clearing way for first of three votes.

Planets Will Align Causing Rare 'Christmas Star' to Appear in the Sky This December On December 21, Saturn and Jupiter will align into a beautiful bright star. This will be the first time they align like this since the Middle Ages.

The Pope Blesses Business Plans It may seem an unusual pairing: big businesses and Pope Francis, a pontiff who has repeatedly criticized capitalism in scathing terms. But they announced a new partnership today, the latest sign of the growing influence of environmental, social and governance, or E.S.G., practices in business.