Friday, February 15, 2019


WARNING TO TRUMP: Iran leader GLOATS with Putin and Erdogan as US pulls out of Syria Iran, Russia and Turkey's leaders welcomed Donald Trump's decision to pull out of Syria as "a positive step" after they met to decide the future of the war-stricken country.

At Warsaw parley, Israel's anti-Iran front is stretched to Yemen, Iraq Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, while seated next to Yemen's Foreign Minister Khaled al-Yamani on Feb. 14, hailed the Warsaw conference as "historic" - if only for the unprecedented seating arrangements.

Islamic Scholar says Fighting Jews in Israel is a Religious Mandate He said that according to religious ruling, all of Israel is "a battlefield between us and the Jews."

'Confronting Iran' is essential to peace in Middle East, Pompeo tells Netanyahu Leaders meet at Warsaw conference, hailed by PM as a 'historical turning point' due to his participation alongside many senior Arab officials.

In clip leaked by PMO, Arab ministers seen defending Israel, attacking Iran At Warsaw Mideast summit, Bahraini FM says confronting Tehran more urgent than solving Palestinian issue; UAE top diplomat says Israel has right to attack Iranian targets in Syria.

Abbas Proves Once Again He is not a Partner for Peace The Palestinians are hoping to keep the United States from presenting its Middle East peace plan.

Theresa May defeated on Brexit again as ERG Tories abstain Theresa May has suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of hardline Eurosceptics, plunging her hopes of uniting the Conservatives around a renegotiated Brexit deal into chaos.

Mideast Political Climate Change Foreign ministers and officials from 60 countries are in Warsaw, Poland to discuss hostilities across the Middle East, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Religion vs. Free Speech Courts and government bodies still find it hard to make useful distinctions between gratuitous, racist, or violent speech about Islam and Muslims on the one hand, and reasoned argument that questions aspects of Islam, or even the religion overall, from the point of view of human rights, on the other.

Who's the Fairest of Them All? For the Prophet Ezekiel, Israel is "the most beautiful of all lands" (Chap. 20:6). Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Israel's love of her ancient homeland is not without reason.