Saturday, September 08, 2018


Israel On The Eve Of 5779: The Good, The Bad And The Exaggerated Not every headache augurs a stroke, nor every rosy cheek perfect health.

Russia pounds Syria’s Idlib after efforts to prevent offensive fail War monitor says 4 civilians killed in rebel stronghold in the ‘most violent’ Russian airstrikes in a month.

While Iran’s leaders and allies confer on Idlib, Shiite Iraq implodes in their faces Tehran’s back yard, Shiite Iraq, is on the brink of a violent civil war.

IDF to Hizballah: Don’t try and surprise us after withdrawing from Syria Intelligence monitors report deepening Hizballah control of Lebanese army forces near the Israeli frontier, raising concerns that the Iranian-backed group is refocusing on Israel as its troops return from the Syrian war.

Iran moves missiles to Iraq in attempt to fortify security, influence Last week, Reuters reported that Iran transferred two types of weapons — a rail-launched artillery rocket and solid-propellant short-range ballistic missiles called the Fateh-110 and the Zulfiqar — to Shiite militias in neighboring Iraq.

Netanyahu bores family with his feats in Rosh Hashanah skit The premier pokes fun at himself, from his wife’s legal woes to his endlessly highlighted presentation of Iran’s nuclear archive.

Why economic fears are now scaring Leave voters away from Brexit Fears of the negative impact of Brexit are pushing a growing chunk of Leave voters towards wanting to remain in the EU, leading polling expert John Curtice has told Business Insider.

Piece of Texas heading to US Embassy in Israel Greg Abbott presents cornerstone plaque for US Jerusalem Embassy recounting Texas-Israel connection.

This Jewish Group Uses ‘Biblical Prophecy’ To Grow Christian Support For Israel Michele Bachmann, a former Republican congresswoman who drew criticism in 2015 for calling for the mass conversion of the Jews, had an announcement to make to the Jewish people.

Third Temple, House of God for All Nations And the many peoples shall go and say: “Come, let us go up to the Mount of Hashem, to the House of the God of Yaakov; that He may instruct us in His ways, and that we may walk in His paths.” For Torah shall come forth from Tzion, the word of Hashem from Yerushalayim.