Monday, April 19, 2010


* Netanyahu, Barak honor the fallen In Remembrance Day speech, PM says all Israelis yearn for peace.

* Gates: US has a plan for Iran Denies writing "wake-up call" memo to Obama administration.

* Bill Clinton: I'll back Obama on new Mideast peace plan Former US president tells ABC administration 'must do something to deprive Israel, PA of any excuse not to engage in serious negotiations'

* Iraqi panel orders vote recount in Baghdad A panel Monday ordered a recount of ballots cast in Baghdad in Iraq's March 7 election, raising the prospect of a change in the results that gave a cross-sectarian group backed by minority Sunnis a slim lead.

* Iran reveals air defense system Annual army parade showcases Islamic Republic's surface-to-surface Ghadr, Sajjil and Shahab-3 missiles, as well as air defense system similar to Russian-made S-300.

* For Chinese, Web Is the Way to Entertainment The daily Web habits of a typical 18-year-old college student named Li Yufei show why American Internet companies, one after another, have had trouble penetrating what is now the world’s most wired nation.

* The Memorial Day-Independence Day Link Memorial Day for Israel's Fallen and Victims of Terrorism will end, as do other Jewish holidays, at nightfall, and the somber nature of the day will give way to the gaiety and festivities of Israel’s 62nd Independence Day.

* Knesset Speaker: Jerusalem Must be United from Within Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin, a scion of the famed Land of Israel-building Rivlin family, in Independence Day speech: “We will not apologize for having liberated Hevron or building Jerusalem.”

* Tony Blair stranded in Jerusalem Former British PM's plans for general election campaigning due to Icelandic volcano ash cloud

* Bishop urges EU leaders to criticize Vatican 'stupidity' Roman Catholic bishop has called on EU leaders who are Christians to speak out against the Vatican if it makes "stupid" remarks, such as a recent declaration that homosexuality causes pedophilia.