Wednesday, October 02, 2013


* 'Israel's sword has gone blunt,' says Iran's Rouhani Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Israel's military threat has little substance.

* Netanyahu at UNGA: Israel will stand alone if needed in preventing Iran nuclear weapons Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took to the dais at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

* Israel, Gulf states said discussing new alliance to stop Iran Israel has held a series of meetings with prominent figures from a number of Gulf states in recent weeks.

* Security industry is shaping EU legislation Greek conservative MEP Maritta Giannakou stood up and pledged her support for the EU defence and security industry.

* Defected Syrian general: Assad will never cede chemical arsenal Syrian President Bashar Assad will never cede his chemical arsenal, a defected Syrian general said.

* Putin supporters nominate Russian leader for Nobel over Syria plan Russian President Vladimir Putin, known for his extravagant animal adventures and standing up against the West, could be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize.

* Iranian parliament endorses Rouhani's diplomatic outreach Iran's parliament, dominated by conservatives, strongly endorsed President Hassan Rouhani's diplomatic bid to break down mistrust at the United Nations.

* Pope Francis stirs debate yet again with interview with an atheist Italian journalist Pope Francis cranked up his charm offensive on the world outside the Vatican.

* Turkey Guilty of 'Mass Human Rights Violations' Amnesty International has released a report condemning "mass human rights violations" by Turkish authorities.

* Defense Minister: 'Iranian Threat Exists Every Day' Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon spoke to reporters about border incidents with Syria.