Wednesday, May 22, 2013


* Amid Syria tensions, IAF chief says 'surprise war' a threat A day after the IDF and the Syrian Army exchanged fire in the Golan Heights, Israel Air Force chief Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel warned that Israel must be prepared for a "surprise war" developing.

* Israel to hold massive chemical warfare drill The Home Front Command on Wednesday was preparing for a massive military drill next week.

* Iraqi premier orders army shake-up after attacks Iraq's prime minister has ordered a shake-up of his military command after a weeklong spike of militant attacks.

* Syrians reported attacking the Israelis on daily basis along Golan Heights Israel and Syria have been engaged in an increasingly bitter border war.

* Did ancient beams discarded in Old City come from first and second temples? Under a tarp in one little-visited corner of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem lies a pile of rotting timber that would hardly catch a visitor's eye.

* EU tax: Barroso urges full automatic exchange of data Jose Manuel Barroso said he would urge Wednesday's summit of EU leaders to support automatic exchange of people's earnings data between tax authorities.

* UK: Iran, Hezbollah increasing support for Assad British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Wednesday Iran and its militant Shi'ite Lebanese ally Hezbollah were "propping up" Syrian President Bashar Assad.

* 'Gas discoveries give Israel new regional clout' Israel's newfound natural gas reserves will boost its regional clout.

* 'US VP Biden lauds Jewish drive for gay rights' US Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday night lauded the influence of Judaism on the United States, specifically mentioning the efforts of Jews on gay rights issues.

* Britain files request for EU sanctions on Hezbollah The UK has asked EU countries to designate the military wing of Lebanese group Hezbollah as a terrorist entity.