Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Jews Openly Pray Atop Temple Mount For First Time in Decades Jewish visitors to Jerusalem's Temple Mount on Monday did something that many are calling a prophetic breakthrough-they prayed, openly and without harassment.

Russian troops for Quneitra in defiance of Israel Russian army units are preparing to move into the Syrian town of Quneitra in the coming days and take up positions opposite the Syrian-Israeli Golan border, DEBKAfile reports exclusively from military sources.

Abbas's Fatah Calls for "Day of Rage" Wednesday in Response to Temple Mount Turmoil Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party called for a "day of rage" to take place in eastern Jerusalem and the disputed territories Wednesday.

Police Close Temple Mount to Jewish Visitors Over Prayers Jerusalem police evicted a group of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount Wednesday for violating visitation rules against non-Muslim prayer and closed the holy site to Jews.

'Apocalypse Between Islam and Judaism' on Temple Mount The Israeli government reopened the Temple Mount complex to Muslims and members of other faiths Sunday with strict new security measures, in the wake of last Friday's attack near the flashpoint holy site, in which Arab terrorists killed two Israeli Druze police officers.

Turkey: Erdogan's Obsession to Take Jerusalem Simply put, Jerusalem's Judaic history dates back to thousands of years before the birth of Islam, only in the seventh century CE.

Turkey's new curriculum ditches Darwin, will teach jihad as 'loving your nation' Turkey's education minister has announced details of the country's new curriculum, stating that it will include the concept of jihad as being patriotic, rather than a "holy war."

Who Would Believe the Palestinian Peace Discourse? Though founded in 1965 by the militant Muslim Brotherhood activist and Egyptian national Yasser Arafat, Israel is still unable to determine whether the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is primarily a religious or a nationalistic movement.

If Temple Mount Security Measures Remain, 'We Will See an Explosion' Unrest brews in Jerusalem as Israeli forces tighten security in the Old City.

Pence: Embassy Move to Jerusalem is Question of 'When, Not If' US Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a Christian Zionist event in Washington.

As Muslims Boycott Temple Mount in Protest of Increased Security, Jews Seize Rare Opportunity to Pray A number of Israeli Jews were able to pray freely on the Temple Mount Monday after a bizarre sequence of events which resulted in Muslims boycotting the site.

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI: Church on Verge of Capsizing A personal message delivered by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for the funeral of a close friend has created a buzz that is not looking good for The Catholic Church.