Thursday, October 26, 2017


Fatah seeks "true partnership" with Hamas; Neither Fatah nor Hamas will give up violence Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub says the unity agreement with Hamas does not mean that Hamas has to give up its use of "resistance."

Report: King of Jordan Berated Abbas Over Palestinian Unity Deal Jordan's King Abdullah expressed strong disapproval of the recent Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal during a meeting with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas in Amman, Palestinian and Jordanian sources told Israel Hayom this week.

Israel Willing to Resort to Military Action to Stop Iran Acquiring Nukes Intelligence Minister Israel Katz says the Jewish state ready to act alone if international efforts don't produce results.

Iraq Launches New Offensives Against Kurds The battles come after a momentous ten days in Iraq that saw Iraqi Security Forces take over large swaths of territory as Peshmerga withdrew from Kirkuk and Sinjar.

Kurdistan's Barzani faces ouster. Iraqi army poised to seize KRG airfields Iraq's PM launches an operation to free Anbar from ISIS.

Terrorists father children with smuggled sperm Report finds dozens of children conceived with sperm smuggled from terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

'The Kurds are calling us - but we're ignoring them.' N. Iraq Kurds disappointed with Trump, Israel abandoning their cry for help: 'We raised Israeli flag in Europe, now we're punished for it.'

After Branding Christianity a 'National Security' Threat, China Moves to 'Sinicize' Religion The Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Congress this week has largely focused on the development of Chinese "exceptionalism," the development of "socialism with Chinese characteristics," and the imposition of uniform identity through a sense of cultural and national superiority.

North Korean Christians Face Beatings, Rape, Torture for Professing Faith Christian North Koreans who have escaped the brutal regime tell of outrageous human rights abuses against anyone suspected of professing the faith, including routine beatings and rapes and specialized torture for those involved in underground prayer.

Iraqi Christians Displaced Again as Kurds Clash with Government Forces Christians living in the Nineveh Plains, who only just returned home after the defeat of the Islamic State.