Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Israel turns 68 with 8.5 million people, 10 times more than in 1948  195,000 babies born in last 12 months, CBS statistics show, as population grows by 2.2%. 

Israel Prepares to Remember Her Fallen  Israel's Memorial Day begins Tuesday at sundown. 

Iran has deployed S-300 system, minister says  Hossein Dehghan says Russian-made air defense batteries now in service, Tehran to start manufacturing similar system. 

Kurds urge Jews to return to Iraq  Autonomous Iraqi Kurds appeal to descendants of former residents, promising Jews will be 'freer and safer' there than in much of Europe. 

Bin Laden's son calls to target Jewish, US, Western interests  According to a new al-Qaida video, Hamza Bin Laden praised the stabbing attacks by Palestinians against Israelis. 

Hitler was a Zionist? Why I‚'m celebrating this Independence Day  Some say ignorance is bliss: I‚'d argue that ignorance inevitably leads to ineffable stupidity and embarrassment. 

The Cyber Threat: Obama Policies Toward Hackers From China, Iran, Syria Produce Few Results  President uses symbolic indictments, diplomacy to avoid more forceful action. 

Iran's Plans to Control a Palestinian State  The Iran nuclear deal, marking its first anniversary, does not appear to have had a calming effect on the Middle East. 

Meet the First Muslim Mayor of London  Labour Party politician Sadiq Khan has been sworn in as mayor of London. 

EU-Turkey deal not binding, says EP legal chief  The legal arm of the European Parliament on Monday (9 May) spoke out against the EU deal with Turkey.