Wednesday, November 11, 2015


PM: EU 'should be ashamed of itself' for settlement labeling  Netanyahu says Europe is singling out Israel, promises economy will withstand decision; PLO welcomes move but says it doesn't go far enough. 

Op-Ed: Labeling Jewish goods: then and now  The EU's decision to label Jewish goods from Judea and Samaria coincides almost to the day with the anniversary of Kristallnacht. What an unhappy, yet utterly appropriate coincidence. 

ISIS in Sinai threatens to attack Israel  Director of MEMRI Terror Monitor: This video should be taken seriously, but needs to be put into proportion. 

We won't give up Temple Mount, Israeli rabbis tell Obama  Some 70 religious Zionist rabbis and educators issue a petition directed at the Israeli and American leaders, stating that the Jewish ownership of the holy site preceded the existence of Islam. 

Israel: EU decision to label settlement products may harm ties with Brussels  Foreign Ministry summons the European Union's Ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, to explain the decision. 

'Most distant' Solar System object spied  Astronomers have identified the most distant object yet in the Solar System. 

Syria conflict: Russia 'peace plan' revealed ahead of key summit  A Russian document circulating at the United Nations has proposed a constitutional reform process in Syria, lasting 18 months, to be followed by presidential elections. 

Nazi resurgence: Bizarre clog-wearing Hitler cult on rise in rural Germany  BIZARRE clog-wearing neo-Nazi's are attempting to take over small villages in Germany in a bid to build a Fourth Reich. 

UN marks 40 years since voting 'Zionism is racism'  UN chief Ban Ki-moon will attend ceremony to mark anniversary of 'anti-Semitic' resolution famously torn up by Chaim Herzog. 

Netanyahu: 'Jerusalem and Temple Mount problem is insoluble'  Netanyahu also apologizes for perceived anti-Arab comments he made in the run-up to Israel's last general election.