Friday, July 30, 2021


 Reports of clashes in Southern Syria near Israel’s Golan If the situation deteriorates, it could have major ramifications for Israel and Jordan as well as the Syrian regime and pro-Iran element.

After initial confusion, Israeli-operated ship confirmed to have been attacked off the coast of Oman A merchant vessel, operated by the company of Israeli billionaire, Eyal Ofer, has been attacked off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea. The incident is currently under investigation.

Biden makes deal with Iraq to end US combat mission amid escalation by Iranian-backed jihad militias American combat troops are leaving their mission in Iraq and pulling out of the area by the end of the year.

Gantz and Kochavi hold assessment following attack on Israeli-managed ship Israeli official: Iran is sowing violence and destruction in every corner of the region. Our campaign against them will continue.

Iraq Can’t Escape the Next Iran-Israel Military Showdown Israel’s F-35 stealth fighters are positively supernatural: here, there and everywhere.

Russia & China expanding yuan share in mutual trade, pushing out US dollar – Chinese Ambassador to Russia The share of the Chinese currency in trade between Russia and China has increased, as the countries boost efforts to move away from the US dollar in response to Washington's sanctions policies, according to a top Chinese diplomat.

Thailand moves to strengthen EU ties amid US-China rivalry The Southeast Asian country is looking to revive trade and business with the bloc to avoid dependence on Beijing and Washington. Economists say a free trade agreement is to be expected within the next few years.

EU foreign policy chief flags review of China strategy ‘in months’ The European Union is considering a review of its strategy towards China in the coming months, with growing cracks in the relationship since the suspension of their landmark investment deal and accusations of Chinese involvement in cyberattacks, reported the South China Morning Post.

EU PARLIAMENT TARGETS CHRISTIAN GROUPS IN PRO-ABORTION CRUSADE Last month, the European Parliament (EPF) passed a resolution declaring that abortion was a “human right.”

Unrest grows in Iran, but is the regime in danger? On Monday, the unrest reached the Iranian capital. Videos and reports from the Tehran protests show demonstrators chanting against the regime.