Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Rivlin: Splitting Jerusalem will bring Israel more chaos  Addressing the recent uptick in violence in Israel's capitol city, Rivlin emphasized the importance of proper dialog. 

Watch: Gaza Incitement Video Teaches 'How to Kill Jews'  Fresh on heels of Old City stabbing, Gazan social media churns out video resembling the murder and calling for more. 

Russian missiles 'hit IS in Syria from Caspian Sea' Russia says it has launched rocket strikes on Islamic State group targets in Syria from warships in the Caspian Sea - about 1,500km (930 miles) away. 

Khamenei bans Iran from negotiations with US In an address to Revolutionary Guards Navy commanders, Iranian supreme leader says talks with the United States brought only disadvantages. 

Nasrallah: Netanyahu confused, the West Bank is on the brink of an intifada Hezbollah chief says Saudis must remember that Israel remains their real enemy. 

ISIS vs. al-Qaida: Zawahiri says Baghdadi is not the leader of the Muslim world "You spill blood and attack the Muslim people in order to rule." 

'We will cut your filthy head': Child ISIS jihadi taunts 'Dog of Rome' Obama to submit to the 'Caliphate' or die in direct video threat A child jihadi armed with a rocket-propelled grenade has threatened to behead 'Dog of Rome Obama' in a chilling new video released by ISIS. 

Israeli team advances in global spacecraft contest  SpaceIL team is first to confirm a launch contract for its craft in Google-sponsored Lunar XPRIZE competition. 

Wave of Terror Has Netanyahu Under Pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under increasing pressure as Palestinian Arab extremists continue their bloody rampage against Jews in Jerusalem an elsewhere in Israel. 

'We are seeking bigger role for Russia than Americans' - Iraq defense committee chairman Baghdad, Russia's ally in its fight against ISIS, wants Russia to have a bigger role in the anti-terrorist campaign in Iraq than the US and may soon officially request to start airstrikes on its soil, the chairman of Iraqi parliament's defense committee said.