Saturday, April 21, 2018


Iran heats war rhetoric to cover up military buildup in Syria Tehran is drumming up an oral war of attrition against Israel as a ruse to deter the IDF from striking the military hardware and personnel flowing into Syria.

As Iran threatens Israel, Liberman says ‘we have never been so ready’ In menacing speech, Iranian general Hossein Salami warns 'hands are on the trigger and missiles are ready'; tweets US and UK won't save Israel

North Korea missile and nuclear test halt hailed North Korea's announcement that it is halting nuclear and missile tests has received a broad international welcome.

Syria 'chemical' attack: Experts finally visit Douma site International chemical weapons experts have finally inspected the site of a suspected attack near Damascus which caused an international crisis.

Israel At 70: What To Do About Iran? The same defensive doctrine that worked well against its Arab enemies should rule Israel’s treatment of its non-Arab enemy.

70 Biblical Verses to Celebrate 70 Years of Prophecy Fulfilled In 1948, the Jewish people declared independence in the Land of Israel.

Preparations for US Embassy move completed Israel completes preparations of road signs, access road to soon-to-be US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Rouhani to Trump: Iran ready for any scenario toward nuclear deal President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday warned U.S. President Donald Trump that Iran is ready for any scenario toward the 2015 nuclear deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Obscurity surrounds EU military fund's expert groups The European Commission is having difficulty finding adequate military experts to sit on an advisory group - raising questions about the implementation of a controversial defence research programme.

Military base rumors stoke Western allies’ fear of losing the Pacific to China In early April, reports began emerging that China was seeking to build a military base in the Pacific. Are these reports “fake news,” or are we witnessing the early stages of a regional showdown between Western powers and China?