Saturday, April 24, 2021


 Gaza terror groups say rockets fired over Jerusalem unrest, warn worse to come Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, PFLP’s Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades take responsibility for attacks; UN envoy: Rocket fire violates int’l law, we’re acting to stop escalation.

Jihad Murderer Barghouti is Running for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas must be kicking himself. Why did he ever think it would be a good idea to call for parliamentary and presidential elections?

Netanyahu gives up on forming a government He said he would instead seek a direct election for prime minister, which he said would pass if Yamina supported it.

EU nations at UNSC: Israel must allow east Jerusalem Palestinians vote Palestinian officials have threatened to delay or cancel the elections, citing Israel’s failure to respond to their request to hold the vote in Jerusalem.

Russia to withdraw troops from deployment on border with Ukraine, Moscow confirms, as major snap exercises in Crimea conclude Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced that troops deployed in the west and south of the country in recent days will soon begin returning to base, saying they have now passed tests of their combat readiness.

Vatican wishes Muslims, as ‘bearers of hope,’ ‘divine blessings’ during Ramadan All across the Islamic world, we see violent jihad and a range of human rights abuses committed in the name of Islamic law.

Europeans warn against attacks on Iran nuclear facilities “We condemn escalatory measures by any actor which could jeopardize progress.” Iran’s clerical establishment said it will not return to the 2015 agreement unless all sanctions are lifted.

China and Russia: The Guns of April Russian troops are massing on the Ukraine border, Chinese vessels are swarming Whitsun Reef of the Philippines in the South China Sea, and China's air force is flying almost daily through Taiwan's air-defense identification zone.

Biden's blinking red lights: Taiwan, Ukraine, and Iran Russia is menacing Ukraine’s borders, China is sending increasingly ominous signals over Taiwan and Iran is accelerating its uranium enrichment to unprecedented levels.

‘We are going to WAR’ Dozens of rockets rain down on Israel after top commander killed ISRAEL has assassinated a top a senior Islamic Jihad commander inside the Gaza Strip in a rare targeted attack, prompting a barrage of retaliatory rockets from Palestinian militant groups and igniting fears of a major war.”