Monday, February 03, 2014


John Kerry labelled 'anti Semite' for warning of possible boycott of Israel US Secretary of State has been labelled an 'anti Semite' for warning of a possible economic boycott if Israel fails to reach a peace accord with the Palestinians.

Child soldier: Shocking video surfaces of purported 4-year-old Jihadist in Syria Al Qaeda fighters in Syria may have sunk to a new low with a video that appears to show a four-year-old boy squeezing off rounds from an AK-47 as jihadists exhort him on with cries of "Alahu Akhbar."

EU: Israel will Face 'Increasing Isolation' if Talks Fail EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen threatens Israel with 'isolation' if talks fail.

PM: World must pressure Abbas to recognize Jewish state Netanyahu calls Palestinian intransigence 'absurd'; PA negotiator says no reason for talks to go on past April, because Israel ducking key decisions.

Attacks from Gaza skyrocket in January Threefold increase comes as Hamas withdraws its 900-strong anti-Qassam force from border with Israel.

Holy Sites on the Chopping Block? Given the pessimism expressed recently by President Obama and Secretary Kerry regarding the chances of actually reaching an Israel-PLO agreement in the near future, many believe we need not worry about such a deal and its negative ramifications

15 February 'Catastroph' Warned Will Shake Entire World A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared the by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of Defense is warning that the assassinations this past week of three top Western bankers coincide with Snowden Documents detailing a 15 February 2014 'catastrophe' being engineered by the Obama regime in order to establish some type of 'new world economic order' prior to the coming global meltdown of markets and massive bank failures, some of which have already begun.

French business delegation the first to arrive in sanction-free Iran Over 100 French companies have descended on Tehran on Monday to establish business connections. It's a display of booming business interest in Iran after the Geneva talks lifted decade-long economic sanctions.

Abbas suggests NATO troops be stationed in future Palestinian state PA president tells 'NYT' Israeli troops should remain in West Bank, east J'lem for 5-year transitional period: "We will be demilitarized."

Juncker emerges as centre-right's top candidate Former Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker is emerging as the top candidate for the centre-right European People's Party in the upcoming EU elections, amid positive signals from Berlin.