Wednesday, June 30, 2021


 Graham: ‘Iranians Are Playing President Biden Like a Fiddle’ — ‘Never Been More Worried’ Than Now About an Iran-Israel War During an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity” on Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was critical of President Joe Biden’s approach to the Middle East, which he said was on the path to escalation.

President Rivlin to President Abbas: Israel will exist forever, we can live together During speech, President Rivlin says it is their role to finally "bring an end to this conflict." During his presidential farewell trip to Washington DC, President Reuven Rivlin spoke about the conflict between Jews and Palestinian Arabs, which began 120 years ago.

Bennett to advance Evyatar outpost legalization, settlers to evacuate This is the second time this week that the settlers have announced a compromise deal to evacuate the outpost.

UAE foreign minister: Peace with Israel will grow despite change in government UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed told me in an exclusive interview on Tuesday he is convinced that relations with Israel will continue to move forward regardless of the change of government in Jerusalem.

Israel Prepares For The Pre-Messiah Subbatical Year, Nations Offer to Provide Bounty As the Hebrew year nears its end, preparations are being made for the shemittah year.

UK Jews Under Assault: Highest Number of Antisemitic Incidents Since Records Began Record numbers of antisemitic incidents have been recorded in the UK since last month’s rocket attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists, figures released by the Community Security Trust (CST) reveal.

The "Iran Deal" Soon to Be Resuscitated Raisi's election, "engineered to guarantee his victory," looks suspiciously like a ploy by Iran's Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei to terrify the American negotiators into capitulating to Iran's demands even faster and more recklessly, to avoid negotiating with an opponent more uncompromising than the one with whom they are negotiating at present.

Even if Russia had sunk British warship, it wouldn’t have started WW3 because US & UK know they can't win such a conflict - Putin President Vladimir Putin has slammed the violation of Russian territorial waters by British warship HMS Defender as a "provocation," He also claimed that London's American allies had a hand in last week's incident, near Crimea.

European Union Braces for Slovenia's Unorthodox Presidency Slovenia takes over the European Union presidency with its Prime Minister Janez Jansa in the focus because of his squabbles with Brussels, alliance with populist Hungarian leader Viktor Orban and increasingly autocratic policies.

73 House Democrats call on Biden’s handlers to reverse Trump policies and redouble support for ‘Palestinian’ jihad Trump’s policies of not financing the “Palestinian” jihad, strongly supporting Israel, and opening the way for Israel to make pragmatic accords with some neighboring Arab countries worked.