Saturday, May 19, 2012


* 'Jews plan to storm Temple Mount on J'lem Day' A leading Palestinian Muslim cleric has called on Palestinians to "be alert for possible infiltration of fanatic Jews" onto Jeruslaem's Temple Mount.

* Obama: G-8 leaders unified on Iran US President Barack Obama said Saturday that the leaders of the G8 are committed to continuing placing sanctions on Iran.

* Netanyahu skeptical Iran would end nuclear program Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is skeptical that Iran will agree to halt its nuclear program.

* 'Who may go up to the Mountain of God?' As points of religious contention go, the current status of the Temple Mount is one of the most potentially explosive issues for competing faiths anywhere in the world.

* Opposition to Iran going nuclear widespread throughout world Opposition to Iran obtaining nuclear weapons is widespread around the world.

* 'Haniyeh: No future for Israel in Palestine' Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told an international pro-Palestinian delegation on Friday that there is no future for Israel "on the land of Palestine."

* Pentagon Study Says China Military Getting Stronger China is pressing a long-range modernization of its military.

* Spain hit by downgrades amid Greek contagion fears Spain's economic woes deepened on Thursday (17 May) as 16 of its banks and four regions were downgraded.

* European Commission should be EU government, says Germany The European Union needs to become more integrated with a common finance policy and a central government.