Tuesday, August 10, 2021


 The Address for a Response to the Lebanese Attacks on Israel Is Gaza, Not Beirut Even if Hezbollah is responsible for the latest rocket attack on the Galilee, Hamas is culpable for the security deterioration in southern Lebanon due to its efforts to expand its terrorist activities to the territory of neighboring Arab states.

Iran’s new president meets with Hamas, Hizballah, Houthis, and jihadis from Iraq Raisi is wasting no time in getting to work to aid and abet the global jihad, while Biden’s handlers are doing all they can to ensure that Raisi will have billions to finance his jihad activities.

Iran’s pre-emption doctrine against Israel, UK, US - analysis Heat up northern Israel, to show it can strike anywhere it wants if it is pressed about the tanker attack.

In Jerusalem, Bahrain’s Top Diplomat Slams Obama’s Iran Deal for Creating Middle East Havoc On a visit to Israel, a top Bahraini diplomat said the Obama-led 2015 Iran nuclear deal had done nothing but leave the region with more turmoil, violence, hatred and death.

Thousands of Russian, Uzbek and Tajik troops rehearse turning back enemy offensive on Afghan border amid fears of Taliban incursions Large-scale wargames have been held in Tajikistan, bringing together soldiers from three former Soviet republics to practice targeting enemy combatants and securing the border with neighboring Afghanistan, as the US withdraws.

Chinese cyber spies 'posed as Iranians while targeting Israeli government' According to threat intelligence researchers, the hackers attempts to conceal their origin was more likely an effort to slow down response efforts than actually frame Iran.

Levite Sings 'Song of Ascents' On The Stairs Leading to Holy of Holies Echoing his ancestors from 2,000 years ago, a Levite musician ascended to the Temple Mount and in the face of Muslim opposition, sang the Song of Ascents in the same spot his ancestors sang the same verses in the service of the Temple.

‘We may lose US’ if liberal Jews continue backing BDS, BLM — Diaspora minister Nachman Shai conflates Israel boycott movement with Black Lives Matter, which was criticized for antisemitic remarks made by some of its leaders but won support of many US Jews.

For anti-Zionists, ‘Palestine’ does not stop at the Green Line When Israel’s enemies speak of “Occupied Palestinian Territory,” they don't mean just the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria. Op-ed.