Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 Sudan coup: Military dissolves civilian government and arrests leaders A coup is under way in Sudan, where the military has dissolved civilian rule, arrested political leaders and declared a state of emergency.

Red Cross warns aid groups not enough to stave off Afghan humanitarian crisis  The Red Cross on Friday urged the international community to engage with Afghanistan's new Taliban rulers, saying that aid groups on their own would be unable to stave off a humanitarian crisis. 

'Sudanese diplomat: Apparent coup won't dramatically affect Israel normalization' Unnamed official quoted saying arrested PM Hamdok had intended to travel to Washington soon to sign the deal; warns military takeover could eventually erode public support for move

Iran Turns East Conservative President Ebrahim Raisi, deeply distrustful of the West, looks to deepen ties with China and Russia.

Iran expanding uranium enrichment at Natanz site, says UN nuclear watchdog Limited number of centrifuges set up to enrich beyond 20%, but product is not being kept, IAEA says in report seen by Reuters

Iran believed to be responsible for last week's attack on U.S. military base in Syria Iran is believed by the U.S. to be responsible for last week's attack on al-Tanf, a base in southern Syria where U.S. troops are located, according to a U.S. official.

Iran's Khamenei urges reversal of Arab-Israeli normalisations Supreme Leader Khamenei says some governments 'made big errors' and 'sinned in normalising' relations with Israel.