Friday, February 02, 2018


Will World War III Begin In Outer Space? The world's most troublesome hot spots may not be in the South China Sea, Taiwan, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Israel, Kashmir, Pakistan, Ukraine or Spain's coming civil war.

Lebanon looks to Hezbollah to resolve internal clashes, as Israel's war threats reach fever pitch Lebanon is a pressure cooker which could blow at any moment, but don't worry about confused US policy.

EU diplomats oppose Trump on Jerusalem EU diplomats in the Middle East have proposed ways to undermine Donald Trump's decision to establish Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Trump Effect: Islamic Republic Ceases Naval Provocations in Arabian Gulf "Baffling" change of Iranian attitude is really not that mysterious.

Russia builds four new air bases in Syria, deploys another 6,000 troops Contrary to Moscow's promises, the Russian military is not pulling out of Syria, but adding four more air bases (one shared with Iran) and 6,000 more troops.

The Israeli-Palestinian Battle for Africa Both Israeli and Palestinian leaders alike have been trying to win the hearts of African nations for decades, with varying results.

Israel's Strategic Situation is the Best it's Ever Been Despite Regional Wars The pragmatic Sunni Arab countries - Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and several of the Gulf States - have understood that the main threat to the region, is not Israel.

The Underground Battle for Mount Zion Mount Zion, a site of great importance to the Jewish people, is almost entirely owned by the Vatican.

'US under no illusions about Iran's malicious intent' Senior US State Department counterterrorism expert says US and Israel are working closely to counter Iranian influence in the region.

US chides Poland over controversial Holocaust law Polish Holocaust rhetoric bill may have 'repercussions' for international relations, US embassy warns.

ADL: White Supremacist Propaganda Escalating at 'Staggering' Rate on U.S. College Campuses "White supremacists are targeting college campuses like never before," Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said.

First Temple-era relics of possible royal estate found in Jerusalem hills Authorities inaugurate 'extraordinarily beautiful' new site at Ein Hanya, where archaeologists reveal plethora of findings.

Guatemala's leaders join Jews, Christians in Israel embrace Small trip by 2 Florida synagogues to fete country for recognizing Jerusalem turns into 'moment of history' as President Morales, Evangelicals join in.