Friday, January 22, 2021


 Netanyahu and Israel reluctantly adjust to a post-Trump Washington Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his close aides are very nervous about the transition to a new U.S. administration after a four-year honeymoon with Donald Trump. 

Is bipartisan support for Israel still in the cards? Denigrating the Founding Fathers has eroded the common denominator between Democrats and Republican-and bipartisan support of Israel.Op-ed.

Tough tests for Joe Biden in 'new' Middle East "Folks, it's a time of testing." So said America's new president in Wednesday's inauguration speech before listing the tests the country faces and concluding with "America's role in the world".

King Abdullah engaged regional leaders in preparation for Biden’s presidency In the week ahead of President Joe Biden's inauguration, Jordan engaged in a flurry of diplomatic activity.

As American Democracy 'Collapses': Groundwork laid for Messiah with Davidic Dynasty Registry As Joe Biden prepares to be inaugurated as president of the United States, some people who look to the Bible for inspiration are finding an entirely different solution: a return of the Davidic dynasty as a practical form of government.

World Trouble Spots Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is putting together a team of defense officials, security experts and diplomats in anticipation of his first talks with President Joseph Biden about Iran’s nuclear program, according to the Times of Israel.

Libya: UN chief urges foreign fighters to leave by Saturday Arab League also presses for a solution to threat posed by armed groups and militias as Libya strives for peace.

The Palestinian Plan to Dupe the Biden Administration One week after he entered the 17th year of his four-year term in office, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas finally announced new parliamentary and presidential elections, scheduled to take place in May and July 2021.

UN approves global conference on protecting religious sites The U.N. General Assembly has approved a resolution condemning damage and destruction of religious sites and asks the secretary-general to convene a global conference to spearhead public support for safeguarding places of religious heritage

The Common Israeli Destiny Our Common Destiny, the new Israeli project launched during Chanukah and to be headed by President Rivlin, aims to strengthen the national solidarity of the Jewish people as a whole and within Israel in particular.