Monday, April 16, 2018


New Special Edition Trump-Temple Coin Minted for Israel’s 70th Anniversary-The End of the ExileThe organizations that created the original Trump-Cyrus Coin are now minting a special edition "70 Year Redemption Coin" focused on generating an international effort to build the Third Temple.

Israel Concerned Russia May Sell Advanced Weaponry To Syria: Report Israeli officials have expressed concern that Russia, in response to the allies' triple attack on Syrian chemical sites Friday, will accelerate the sale of advanced weapons systems to Syria.

Syria air strikes: Russia denies tampering with suspected chemical attack site Russia has denied interfering with evidence at the site of the suspected Syrian chemical attack, which led to Western air strikes on Saturday.

Haley: US 'locked and loaded' if Syria uses poison gas again US Amb. Nikki Haley says US obliterated WMD facility, will strike again if Syrian Pres. Assad uses chemical weapons again.

Western strike on Syrian chemical sites isolates Israel against Iranian-Russian axis The US-allied strikes in Syria have heightened Israel's apprehension about being left alone to face a possible Iranian reprisal for the T-4 strike.

IDF Unveils 'Tunnel Lab' That Destroys Hamas Terror Tunnels Just hours after the IDF revealed that it had destroyed the longest and deepest Hamas attack tunnel crossing into Israel, the army unveiled its 'Tunnel Lab.'

Probe into Syrian chemical weapon attack launched International inspectors head to site of apparent Syrian chemical weapon attack amid denials by Russia, Iran.

Israel sets red line for Russia Israel tells Russia sale of S-300 missile defense system to Assad regime unacceptable.

'Sanhedrin Trail' Leads to Discovery of Ancient Oil Lamp Adorned With Menorah Students who participated in preparing a new archaeological hiking trail discovered a 1,400-year-old oil lamp bearing the symbol of a menorah.

Nasa planet-hunter set for launch The US space agency is about to launch a telescope that should find thousands of planets beyond our Solar System.