Thursday, February 10, 2011


* Congress wary of Muslim Brotherhood role in Egypt Members of Congress warned about the risk posed by the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in a new Egyptian government.

* 'Saudi Arabia: We'll support Egypt if US cuts aid' US President Barack Obama spoke with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Wednesday to discuss events in Egypt.

* Egypt foreign minister criticises US calls for change Egypt's foreign minister has rebuffed calls from Washington to speed up the pace of political reform.

* Pakistan appears to be expanding nuclear site, says U.S. think tank Pakistan appears to be building a fourth military nuclear reactor, signaling its determination to produce more plutonium for atomic weapons.

* US to Russia: Hold Your Horses on UN Mideast Mission The United States Wednesday called into question the wisdom of an initiative by Russia to send a United Nations Security Council delegation envoy to the Middle East.

* Egypt's Mubarak refuses to quit Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak has said he will stay in office and transfer all power only after September's presidential election.

* Threats to Western Oil: 2 Tankers Hijacked in 2 Days Major oil lines to the West are under severe threat after a second supertanker was hijacked in as many days in the Arabian Sea.

* Barroso-II team rated as 'average or below' in its first year European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has defended his team's performance one year into his second term.

* In its quest to go green, the old Hebrew language seeks new words The Hebrew Language Academy is looking for Hebrew words for terms like "compost" and "composter."

* Egypt asks Ashton to cancel her trip The Egyptian foreign ministry has told Catherine Ashton they do not want her to visit the country in the coming weeks as she had planned.