Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Jerusalem at boiling point of polarisation and violence - EU report Leaked report says city more divided than at any time since 1967 and calls for consideration of tougher sanctions over settlement building.

Germanwings plane crash: Leaders visit Alps site The German, French and Spanish leaders have arrived together in the French Alps to visit the scene where a Germanwings plane crashed on Tuesday, killing all 150 on board.

Jordan and Russia Sign Deal on Nuclear Power Plant Russia to build Jordan's first nuclear power plant, with two 1,000-megawatt reactors in the country's north.

Jewish establishment sounds alarm as White House rhetoric intensifies Leading figures in Washington's pro-Israel community are calling on the Obama administration to turn down the temperature.

Saudi Arabia Could Buy the Bomb Experts fear the first country to go nuclear after a deal won't be Iran, but Saudi Arabia.

Congress announces launch of task-force to combat anti-Semitism Force will seek to counter the escalation of anti-Semitic acts internationally.

Iran isn't providing needed access or information, nuclear watchdog says The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran has failed to provide the information or access needed to allay the agency's concerns about the weapons potential of the country's nuclear program.

Ron Lauder: Anti-Semitism in Europe akin to 1930s WJC head tells congressional committee that US cannot sit idly by as attacks targeting Jews on the up.

Netanyahu will name Kahlon as finance minster, Likud says Prime Minister meets with 'natural partners' to hear their demands, awaiting official request by President Rivlin to form next govenrment.

ISIS 'Flaunts' its Child Soldier Brigades ISIS has already trained over 400 kids to be jihadists in 2015 alone, with all-child battle units to gather intel, go on suicide missions.