Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Seeking 'WORLD PEACE,' Trump says US won't trade with those who trade with Iran Saying he's reimposed 'most biting sanctions ever' on Islamic Republic, US president tweets: 'I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!'

Israeli minister says 'good chance' Iran will renegotiate nuclear deal Gilad Erdan slams 'morally bankrupt' EU for trying to salvage accord; Israeli intelligence community said optimistic that new sanctions will force major change in Tehran.

Bolton: Blocking Strait of Hormuz will be Iran's 'worst mistake' -instead it must 'come to table' Closing the Strait of Hormuz would be the biggest mistake Iran has ever made, the US president's national security advisor John Bolton said.

Ehud Barak attacks:'Bennett and Shaked threaten future of Zionism' Former DM: 'Vision of Jewish Home with man and woman heading it is racist and messianic, with their rabbis Lior and Ginsburgh.'

Despite US sanctions, Tehran steps up quest for dialogue with Trump administration A key sentence signaled Tehran's quest for diplomacy in Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's bitter diatribe over re-imposed sanctions on Monday, Aug. 6.

Israel and Gaza may be on the verge of war. It could be worse than in the past. "I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen a full-blown war yet," one expert said.

Hamas: Israel won't be able to sleep in peace Terror group says peace agreement may fail if Israel eliminates terrorists who fire at IDF soldiers.

Turkey intends to reopen consulates in Iraqi-Kurdistan On Friday last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that his nation planned to reopen their consulates located in two of Iraq's largest cities.

Britain Is Preparing For a 'No Deal' Brexit Before Britain's 2016 referendum on membership of the European Union, Britain's then-prime minister David Cameron adamantly refused to make plans for what his government would do if the country voted to leave.

Christian Millennials Visit Israel, Realize Media's Been Lying to Them An international group of millennials have seen the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a new light after engaging with both sides - and being shocked by what they discovered.