Friday, June 19, 2020


Settlement leader warns Netanyahu: Don’t abandon us like ‘disgraceful’ Ariel Sharon plan As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forges ahead with his plans for extended sovereignty over Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, settlement leaders are becoming more concerned that some Jewish communities will be cut off and isolated within a future Palestinian state.

Jordan's king warns that Israel's West Bank areas annexation will bolster Hamas: report Abdulah II said to warn annexation likely to radicalize Palestinians, shatter Israel's diplomatic efforts.

Extending Israeli Sovereignty Promotes Regional Stability The Middle East is an unstable mess that's not going to stabilize any time soon.

EU’s elder statesman: Annexation flouts biblical tenet ‘Thou shalt not steal’ Luxembourg FM Jean Asselborn warns move would ‘make it very difficult’ for the EU to sign future agreements with Israel, explains why his country would recognize Palestinian state.

US Islamic scholar calls on followers to rise up against 'tyrant' America "You are seeing what a police state is like. You have to demand your rights from that tyrant," he said.

How could the India-China standoff impact Israel? GEOPOLITICAL AFFAIRS: India and China are key countries, and Israel wants a growing strategic partnership with India and amicable relations with China.

The West Bank’s Status Quo is More Dangerous than Applying Sovereignty Contrary to the alarming charge that the application of sovereignty over parts of the West Bank would transform Israel into a binational state, doing so would not affect 95% of the West Bankers who have been living under the rule of the Palestinian Authority since January 1996.

Turkey will work with Italy for stable peace in Libya: foreign minister Turkey will work together with Italy to achieve stable peace and a political process that will yield results in Libya, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday, and added the NATO allies could also cooperate in the eastern Mediterranean.

Gantz: Iran’s ‘blatant’ nuclear violations threaten Israel and global stability Defense minister hails IAEA resolution criticizing Tehran for blocking inspector’s access to suspect sites; vows Iran will never get atomic weapons.

Rare Solar Eclipse Marks 3,332nd Anniversary of 12 Spies Entering Land of Israel The first solar eclipse of 2020, a rare annular eclipse, will appear in the heavens over Israel on Sunday, precisely coinciding with the anniversary of the day that Moses sent 12 spies into the Land of Israel.

STRATEGY OF NATIONAL DIVISION by Bob Maginnis America is suffering an epidemic of division which threatens to radically alter this country. The source of that division is more than meets the eye and so is the solution.