Friday, January 08, 2016


Iran to Receive Major Economic Windfall as Nuclear Deal Begins  Expert: 'Kerry might as well have wired the money directly into the Revolutionary Guards' bank accounts'. 

Analysis: Fatah, Hamas pledge more violence against Israel in 2016  Hamas, which has been in power in Gaza for almost 10 years, is reported to be preparing for a new wave of suicide bombings against Israelis. 

Saudi will collapse if keeps its 'sectarian' policies: Iran Guards  The deputy head of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) told Saudi Arabia on Thursday it would 'collapse' in coming years if it kept pursuing what he called its sectarian policies in the region. 

Russian Orthodox cleric justifies Syria campaign for Christmas  As Orthodox Church marks Christmas, Russian Patriarch Kirill says Moscow's strikes in Syria are protecting Russia from 'terrorism.' 

Islamic State militant 'executes own mother' in Raqqa  An Islamic State militant carried out a public "execution" of his mother because she asked him to leave the group, activists say. 

Report: Netanyahu to lead effort in thwarting Obama bid for UN chief  According to the Kuwaiti newspaper 'Al-Jarida,' Israeli leader will rally moderate Arabs to sabotage Obama plan to succeed Ban Ki-moon. 

Jerusalem Arabs planned to assassinate Netanyahu  Two terrorists from wide Hamas terror cell indicted for building bomb lab, planning to set a bomb under stage as PM gave a speech. 

Kurds to vote on independence from Iraq  KRG president calls for a referendum this year to let the 'people of Kurdistan determine their future,' in a call to secede from Baghdad. 

Jewish shoppers in London attacked: 'Hitler is on the way'  Neo-Nazis throw gas canisters, shout anti-Semitic slogans at Jewish shoppers in London. 

New 'Mein Kampf' publication 'a slap in the face to Holocaust survivors'  As scholars mark first German edition since 1944, Jewish community leaders unconvinced by idea of teaching Hitler's manifesto 'as a vaccine against extremism'.