Friday, February 07, 2014


Sochi 2014 Olympics: 2410 days of waiting over as Games begin The opening ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympics is taking place - exactly 2,410 days after Sochi won the bid.

New Chinese submarine patrol puts Hawaii, Alaska within nuke range The Chinese are preparing to deploy submarines armed with nuclear missiles that will patrol the northern Pacific Ocean and come within range of at least two US states.

Pentagon: 'US Would Have No Clue If Iran Got Nuke' A new report from the Pentagon warns that the US would be totally clueless if Iran were to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Amidror: No Accident that Hezbollah Didn't Receive Missiles It was no accident that some Syrian shipments of advanced missile systems to Hezbollah did not make it to their destination.

Kick out those who sexually abuse children, U.N. panel tells Vatican In an unprecedented report, a United Nations committee slammed the Vatican's handling of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

With a Sisi presidency imminent, expect business as usual in Egypt If Egyptian army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announces his run for the presidency as reports indicate, it can be expected that his election would be assured.

70% of Israelis don't trust US on security, says poll Seventy percent of Israeli Jews do not believe the US can be relied upon to maintain key Israeli interests and security.

Five Israeli athletes set to compete in Sochi Short-track speed skater Vladislav Bykanov will carry the Israel flag.

Security Forces Clear Illegal Arab Outpost in Jordan Valley Israeli troops cleared an illegal Arab outpost in the Jordan Valley on Friday.

Russia in talks to help Iran build new nuclear reactor Iran and Russia are in negotiations over the construction of a second nuclear power plant in Bushehr.