Thursday, May 04, 2017


China 'will use hard-kill weapons to Destroy THAAD missiles in war with US' Beijing has issued a chilling warning to Donald Trump demanding the "immediate" withdrawal of THAAD from South Korea.

US Air Force jets intercept Russian bombers near Alaska airspace Russian fighter jets escort Bear aircraft in Alaska Defense Zone in what officials say is an unprecedented incident.

Iran's Forward Operating Base against the U.S. Iran's aim is to use American's northern neighbor, Canada, as a "forward operating base" for influence operations against the American government.

Trump's Tolerance Tour: First trip to Riyadh, Jerusalem and Rome Aside from visiting Israel, Trump will convene Arab world leaders in Saudi Arabia and hold his first papal visit.

Mr. Abbas goes to Washington... And gets a boost Abbas seemed to act like Trump was his personal savior, but will the unpredictable US president deliver for the embattled Palestinian leader?

Palestinian Authority rejects 'mad' request to end prisoners' payment PA official also said that "the prisoners are victims of Israel and the result of the occupation," and drew an equivalence with the "IDF paying the salaries of Israeli soldiers."

Syria: Rebels storm out as 'safe zones' plan signed Major powers backing opposing sides in the war in Syria have signed a pact on creating "safe zones", despite rebel delegates storming out of the ceremony at talks in Kazakhstan in protest.

Netanyahu: Abbas lied to Trump Prime Minister Netanyahu attacked PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas this afternoon (Thursday) following his meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington.

New Israeli stealth fighters operating over Syria? Israel's F-35s may have already flown combat mission against Russian air defenses.

Syria government 'producing chemical weapons at research facilities' Syria's government is continuing to make chemical weapons in violation of a 2013 deal to eliminate them, a Western intelligence agency has told the BBC.