Monday, July 16, 2012


* Activists report clashes in Syrian capital Syrian troops and rebels clashed inside Damascus for a second day on Monday, causing plumes of black smoke to drift over the city's skyline in some of the worst violence in the tightly controlled capital since the country's crisis began 16 months ago.

* 'Arab Internal Disputes Fuel Anti-Israel Terror'  A growing terrorist state in Sinai and disputes in Lebanon increase the likelihood of missile attacks on Israel, says a defense analyst.

* Clinton in Israel: A Time for Pleasantries Other than "It's a beautiful day" and other pleasantries, Hillary Clinton's remarks had little content - four months before US elections.

* Syria conflict: West 'blackmailing' Russia on sanctions Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said Western attempts to get Moscow to discuss sanctions against Syria contain "elements of blackmail".

* North Korea military head Ri Yong-ho 'relieved of post' North Korean military chief Ri Yong-ho has been removed from all official posts, according to state media.

* Romney to Break Fast of Temple Mount Mourning with Netanyahu Romney's visit to Israel on the fast day mourning the destruction of the Holy Temples shows his insight on Israel, says campaign adviser.

* Christians Flood Knesset with 'New Judaism'  Knesset Members are furious after finding in their mail boxes what many called missionary propaganda promoting the New Testament.

* Iraq in deals to boost energy exploration Iraq signed an initial deal with a Kuwait-led consortium Monday and a contract was awarded to a Russia-led group to drill for energy, part of Baghdad's efforts to strengthen its role as a major producer.

* 'Cell plotted to kidnap IDF soldier for bargaining' Shin Bet reveals Palestinians from village near J'lem planned to kidnap soldier to exchange for terror leaders.

* 'Israel being excluded from counterterrorism parley' Simon Wiesenthal Center founder: I'm prepared to believe Israel is being left out intentionally from Global Counterterrorism Forum.