Monday, May 23, 2011


* Does Obama Think Jerusalem is Outside Israel? The United States State Department is standing behind the wording of an official statement that implied that Jerusalem – including its western parts - is not a part of Israel.

* Syria adopts two-faced strategy with social media Instead of blocking the Internet, embattled regime fights cold war-style battles with activists.

* Maritime Lawfare Victory: Lloyd’s Won’t Insure Gaza Flotilla Leading insurance market Lloyd’s of London has stated it will not insure boats headed toward Gaza in another flotilla designed to assist the Hamas government there.

* Hamas: Russia pledges to back Palestinian bid for state recognition A top Hamas official said that Russia has pledged its support if the Palestinians seek recognition as a United Nations member-state.

* Hamas Sees Obama's '67 Borders and Raises Him: '48 Borders US President Barack Obama "hallows" the June 4, 1967 borders in two speeches this past week, and Hamas is already asking for negotiations based on the May 13, 1948 borders.

* Canada Rejects Obama "1967" Intervention Canada refuses to join the US in calling for Israel to return to 1949 Armistice borders.

* Gunbattle in Yemen as transition deal collapses Yemeni loyalist forces fought a gunbattle on Monday with opponents of entrenched President Ali Abdullah Saleh one day after he backed out of an accord for him to step down.

* A "misrepresented" Obama tries to set the record straight But even the US president’s improved formulations will still leave many Israelis feeling uneasy.

* EU backs Obama's call for '67 borders Swedish minister slams Israeli claim borders are "indefensible", says peace only possible defense

* European Union Puts Sanctions on Syrian Leader Five days after the United States imposed sanctions on Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, the European Union followed suit.