Wednesday, September 13, 2017


In Stunning Color, Photos of Turn-of-Century Jerusalem Reveal Holy City as Never Before Though historical photos of Jerusalem and Israel in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries do exist, most are in black and white.

Twitter Moves to Silence All Criticism of Islam Remember Google's old motto, "Don't be evil"? It sounds so ironic now, with the social media giants all rushing to implement Sharia blasphemy restrictions and choke off all criticism of Islam.

Abbas' advisor: US Ambassador "motivated by Satanic urge" when he called the Israeli "occupation" "alleged" Mahmoud Abbas' advisor Mahmoud Al-Habbash has described US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman and Americans in general, as being motivated by a "satanic urge" and having "lost all morals."

Israel Warns Trump That It Will Attack Syria Again, If Necessary Israel sent a clear message to the Trump Administration that it will not hesitate to again attack neighboring Syria if forces embroiled in a bloody civil war there cross two red lines.

N. Korea vows to redouble military strength over 'evil, US-fabricated' sanctions North Korea has vowed to increase its military strength following a new round of "evil" UN sanctions over its recent nuclear test.

Slamming Iran Deal, Ministers Point to Lessons of North Korea Compromise With Dictators Minister of Intelligence Yisrael Katz and Jewish Home leader and Minister of Education Naftali Bennett both used the podium at the World Summit On Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya to call for the annulment of the nuclear deal signed between the P5+1 group of world powers and Iran in July 2015.

Hamas Says it's Ready to Form Unity Palestinian Government With Fatah Ismail Haniyeh, the top leader of Gaza-ruling terror group Hamas, announced Monday that his organization is prepared to form a unity government with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party, without preconditions.

Rebuffing former top general, Netanyahu says Kurdish PKK a terror group PM chides Turkey for not recognizing Hamas as a terror group in kind, expresses support for Kurdish independence.

EU: Juncker sees window of opportunity for reform The "wind is back in Europe's sails", European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said in his annual state of the union address.

The Palestinians' "Jewish Problem" According to the Palestinians, the two US envoys seem fully to have endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's positions instead of representing the interests of the US.