Wednesday, October 19, 2011


* Freed female Palestinian terrorist to Gaza children: I hope you will become martyrs A would-be Palestinian suicide bomber freed by Israel in the prisoner swap for soldier Gilad Shalit told cheering schoolchildren in the Gaza Strip the day after her release on Wednesday she hoped they would follow her example.

* 'UNSC may vote on Palestinian statehood in early November' The Palestinian quest for UN membership is likely to come to a head on or around Nov. 11.

* Turkish troops pursue Kurdish rebels into Iraq Turkish troops backed by fighter jets and helicopter gunships have pursued Kurdish rebels into Iraq.

* Moscow Welcomes Hizbullah A Hizbullah delegation was welcomed by officials in Moscow on Wednesday for the terror group’s first official visit to the Kremlin.

* Chag Sameach! Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah Start Tonight The eight day festival that consists of Sukkot and Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah comes to an end Thursday night.

* US forces 'massing on Afghanistan-Pakistan border' US forces are massing on the Pakistan border in eastern Afghanistan.

* Blair: Middle East Quartet to press Israelis, Palestinians for border proposals International mediators will press Israel and Palestinians to table their ideas on security arrangements.

* Passenger: 'You're all going to die' Somewhere in the heavens above Amarillo, angry shouts rang out from the back of Southwest Airlines Flight 3683.

* Violent anti-austerity protests grip Greek capital Greece's parliament gave initial approval on Wednesday to a new round of belt-tightening needed to avert default.

* Summit will not be end of eurozone's troubles, says Barroso European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has said Sunday's (23 October) key summit will not necessarily draw the much-wanted line under the eurozone's sovereign debt crisis.