Saturday, September 24, 2011


* Netanyahu to Abbas: Let's Just Negotiate Peace! Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Friday.

* Following UN Speeches: Quartet Sets Timetable for Talks The Middle East Quartet published on Friday a new timetable for re-launching negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

* PM: I'm the one who will establish peace between 2 states Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed his domestic audience on Saturday.

* PA unhappy with 'incomplete' Quartet peace initiative The Palestinian Authority is unhappy with the Quartet’s latest initiative to launch peace talks with Israel.

* Security and Defense: Challenging times On June 5, when pro-Palestinian protesters tried crossing from Syria into Israel like they had on Nakba Day a month earlier.

* Opinion: Palestinian Authority Apocalypse Israeli families are not paid rewards by their government when their relatives are killed.

* Israel on Ahmadinejad: Threatens World Peace and Security Israel's Foreign Ministry issued an official response on Thursday evening.

* Europe must save the two-state solution The speeches have been given, and each leader pandered to his audiences.

* Fighters Renew Attack on Surt, Qaddafi's Hometown Fighters trying to root out loyalists of the fugitive Libyan leader Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi renewed their attack on his hometown, Surt.

* Putin Once More Moves to Assume Top Job in Russia Vladimir V. Putin, who transformed post-Soviet Russia by imposing strict Kremlin control over most aspects of public life.