Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Israel election: Netanyahu in tough fight in this year's second vote Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting to hold on to power following one of its closest election races in years.

Netanyahu-Gantz Stalemate: No Clear Winner in Super-Tight Israeli Election Both Channel 12 and Channel 13 exit polls foresee yet another stalemate, granting Blue and White the highest amount of seats.

Iran's Radical Axis Is Intensifying Its Efforts to Build a War Machine Against Israel A shadow war raging between the Iranian-led radical Shiite axis and Israel has become public in recent weeks.

Saudi oil attacks: Drones and missiles launched from Iran - US The US has reportedly identified locations in Iran from which drones and cruise missiles were launched against major Saudi oil facilities on Saturday.

Exclusive: Iran shot missiles from Khuzestan, drones from W. Iraq at Saudi oil facilities The Iranian attack on major Saudi oil infrastructure came from two locations, hence the confusion.

Will There Be a New Russian-Chinese Security Architecture in the Gulf? Russia, backed by China, is hoping to exploit mounting doubts in the Persian Gulf about the reliability of the US as the region's sole security guarantor.

Saudi oil attack part of dangerous new pattern Attack blamed on Iran that halved kingdom's oil production is latest in a series of unclaimed acts of sabotage in the Gulf, which experts say could be a new tactic by Tehran.

Reports: Increased Arab Voter Turnout in Israeli Election Arutz Sheva reports: Voter turnout in Israel was up significantly Tuesday morning in comparison with turnout levels at the same stage in previous elections.

Will Rivlin use this election for revenge against Netanyahu? - Analysis Rivlin may be getting another chance to take Netanyahu's job away.

The Jordan Valley Is Waiting for Zionist Action Beyond its unquestionable vitality for Israel's security, the Jordan Valley in its full geographical scope can accommodate millions of Israelis and national infrastructure that cannot be compressed into the coastal plain.