Monday, June 08, 2020


Iranian Forces Amass on Israeli Border – Report Two strikes in Syria last week attributed to Israel targeted Iranian forces with deadly effect.

‘Raise a gun’: Calls for violence against Israel by Hamas in light of Trump plan Palestinians hold a protest march in Ramallah against the Trump peace plan as the Hamas terror group leader calls for Palestinians to wage war on Israel.

Palestinians Ramp Up Incitement to Murder Jews The Palestinians, always quick to adapt to new circumstances, are taking full advantage of the coronavirus crisis to incite the murder of Jews.

PA TV children’s host promises end of Israel and glorifies terrorist “heroes” The end of Israel is inevitable and terrorists are “heroes” – this is the message from the popular PA TV children’s host Walaa Al-Battat in a new song she recorded that was broadcast on PA TV Live.

Egyptian Tank Platoons Amass on Libya Border Readying to Challenge Turkey A journalist with the BBC has documented Egyptian M1A2 Abrams Tank companies being deployed to the border with Libya.

Senior Chabad leader rejects Trump peace plan In a letter to the prime minister, Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yeruslavski, secretary of Israel's Chabad rabbinical court, expresses the movement's position against establishment of a Palestinian state.

Return of Nation-States Need Not be a Threat The trend we witness in world politics is away from the initial forms of globalization and toward a reassertion of the nation-state as one of the two key players in international economic and business relations, the other player being transnational businesses.

Palestinians promoting UN resolution against Israeli annexation: report Israeli Ambassador Danon says will work with 'allies to thwart hostile initiatives'.

Palestinians: The Problem with 'Peace' As far as the Palestinian leadership is concerned, Israel and the US administration are now the main enemies of the Palestinians. It is prohibited to talk to any Israeli or US official.

Caroline Glick: The great threat to America and to American Jewry Whether Trump wins or loses in November, the radicalization of white progressives at the heart of the mayhem represents the greatest threat to social cohesion in the United States.