Friday, June 24, 2011


* PM Says Abbas Must Recognize Israel's Jewishness Before Peace Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday said an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict would come when Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas recognizes Israel as a Jewish State.

* Syrian refugees continue to flock to Turkey More than 1,500 Syrian refugees streamed across the border to safe havens in Turkey in one day.

* EU names Iranian Guard commanders in Syria sanctions More than 1,500 Syrian refugees fled to Turkey on Thursday as Syrian President Bashar Assad's military crackdown on protests swept up to the border.

* Rebels: Gaddafi could stay in Libya as part of settlement Libyan rebels rule out any role for Muammar Gaddafi in a future government but could let him remain "in a remote part of Libya" as part of a settlement.

* Palestinian UN envoy: Talks with Israel won't stop bid for state recognition The Palestinians will seek membership as an independent state at the UN in September even if peace negotiations with Israel are underway.

* Muslim Brotherhood Creates Super-Coalition Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has created a coalition of 17 parties, including liberal and secular groups, to form a common platform ahead of legislative elections.

* 'Erekat says Turkey to help build support for PA bid at UN' Turkey has pledged to help the Palestinians enlist additional nations to support their bid for statehood in the United Nations.

* Israel's Vatican envoy praises Pope Pius XII for saving Jews during the Holocaust A leading Israeli official has praised Pope Pius XII for saving Jews during the Nazi occupation of Rome.

* China sends friendly face on EU tour The friendly face of the Chinese regime will on Friday (24 June) start an EU peregrination designed to strengthen economic and political relations.

* This Week in History: The sinking of the 'Altalena' Decision to send Jewish soldiers against fellow Jews has never been forgiven by some who view it as betrayal of the purpose of a Jewish army.