Friday, December 03, 2010


* As massive blaze devastates North, two men arrested on suspicion of starting fires Police on Friday arrested two male residents of Daliat al-Carmel on the suspicion that they had attempted to ignite fires in the Muhraka area of the Carmel hills.

* PM thanks Erdogan for airplanes to battle Carmel fire Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Friday evening was at the PMO making contact with additional foreign governments.

* Lebanon defense minister 'offered invasion advice for Israel' Lebanon's Defense Minister offered advice on how Israel could defeat Hezbollah if a new war erupted on Israel's northern border.

* Lebanon seen in Congress as losing soverignty and 'subordinate to Iran and Syria' The United States regards Lebanon as a vassal of both Iran and Syria.

* Wave goodbye to Internet freedom The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is poised to add the Internet to its portfolio of regulated industries.

* EU officials give first analysis of WikiLeaks impact More investment in European External Action Service (EEAS) security, loss of goodwill in the EU's special relationship with the US and heightened tension in the Middle East are all likely consequences of the WikiLeaks scandal.

* Ashton names EU foreign-service priorities at low-key launch event Relations with the US and China, climate change, poverty eradication, crisis management and counter-terrorism are to be the top priorities of the EU's new diplomatic corps.

* South Korea raises rhetoric against the North South Korea on Friday threatened to bomb North Korea if it tries a repeat of last week's attack.

* Barack Obama in surprise Afghan visit to thank troops He was flown into Bagram airfield - home to a key US base - near Kabul to thank US troops for their service.

* Possible Syrian nuke facility identified by satellite A compound in western Syria with buildings and hundreds of missile-shaped items has been identified as functionally related to a nuclear reactor Israel destroyed northeast of Damascus in 2007.